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Our mission is to transform your bottom-line by working with you to develop your people, your business processes and to maximise your return on investment (ROI) from your Internet enabled assets. We provide our clients with a range of corporate solutions that:

We do that by using our unique combination of corporate experience and state of the art technological solutions.

We specialise in key areas, related to organisational effectiveness. Over time this has involved a broad range of projects and in so doing we repeatedly encounter common issues across our client base. As such, the tailored solutions we develop for individual clients have much broader application and enable us to deliver them targeted, cost effective solutions. This is the same rationale used with our Internet solutions.

Because we are one of very few research driven organisations set up with a specific focus on SME’s and Local Government, we continuously research, develop and implement practical products and services to improve our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Building long-term relationships is what we are about. We specialise in well-researched systems and cutting edge Internet applications through our affiliation to B3's global network.

We can help you take full advantage of the Internet’s latest technology, including;

These are just a small number of the services we provide our Business Partners. For most organisations, Customer Service is an ideal and a philosophy, which is rarely given the attention it deserves. At Corpor8solutions we recognise that our role in helping build your success, is our best form of marketing.

We have a commitment to provide quality customer service to a select core group of clients.

Why? Because our previous experience with larger companies (both as operators and clients), was that it was all too common for the principal consultants to liaise and to win contracts, only to farm the work to junior staff to collect the data and draft the reports. The ‘Big Guns’ would then reappear to supervise the final reports and make the presentations. However, this practice missed the point that the process of collecting data firstly provides unique insights into organisations and secondly the quality of data collection is fundamental to the quality of the resultant strategies and solutions.

We are an Adelaide based company with direct access to the latest research & development. Our local presence with a global reach allows us access to cutting edge tools, technology, experience and economies of scale would take other companies hundreds of Internet solutions worldwide and years to replicate. Likewise, our corporate research has over many years, produced a range of products and services that have a proven record of business improvement. AusWeb Surveys is jointly owned and operated by Corpor8solutions and our association with B3, the National DATA Centre and The Social Survey Group further enhance the range of services available to our clients.

Other E-Services range from the amazing world of E-Learning, to heart pounding digitised Media, to the ultimate Flash technology. With Crushed Media, you can send out your corporate video or technical information, 'crushed' as one line in an email. With our E-learning system, you can turn word documents and policies into on line training options, develop tailored internal education programs or provide on–line education for your clients. This is only the beginning of your future with Internet enabled business systems, because globally B3 and our Production Centres are always reinventing it! Discover the efficiency……. Netrify Your Business.

B3 and our website builders have developed hundreds of websites and e-commerce solutions around the world since 1995.

Our relationship with B3 and our International Development Centres is one of Corpor8solutions most significant advantages for our clients. We are supported by a combination of in-house talent and a network of technical and creative specialists in their strategically located Production Centres. Corpor8solutions have leveraged these resources to create a very unique value proposition world best technology at prices SME's can afford.

This affiliation affords us access to exclusive technical and procedural resources not available to “one-off” developers.

Technical Advantage:
Our developers have an exclusive repository of proprietary website codes and products representing the combined knowledge of our International Development Centres. Having these codes at our disposal significantly decreases our development time, and therefore reduces our development costs.

In order to ensure the highest level of value for our clients; Corpor8solutions utilizes B3’s comprehensive on line management system.

The Internet Solution is divided into 6 phases:

1. Internet Business Analysis

2. Functional Design

3. Build

4. Test

5. Launch

6. Manage Results

It all starts with the Internet Business Analysis tool that is so comprehensive; we offer it as a separate service. The analysis probes deep into your business practices to determine how the Internet can best net you a return on your investment. For a more comprehensive look, see the description in the Our Services section.

The bottom line is that working with Corpor8solutions is as simple as ABC:

A: Advanced Technology

B: Be Found on the Internet

C: Consultation & Education

For a more comprehensive look at the skills and qualifications of our team, we invite you to take a look at